We are partnered with S:Craft, the leading shutter brand in the UK. By ordering through us, you can choose from all 6 shutter material options offering the best of all worlds, from premium white teak shutters to 100% waterproof shutters. Committed to sustainability,  S:Craft sources its wood from managed forests in the Solomon Islands. Find out more by visiting the S:Craft website


Choose your material

Colours and Finishes


Custom Colour

All we need is the paint code! Then you will be free to choose a colour that best suits your room or your personality.

Painted Colour

Available across the whole range of materials, painted colours will add a warm glow to the room. Painted colours are finished with a protective UV coating, ensuring high quality colour for years to come.

Wood  Stains

Combining a wood stain with our premium Fiji and Sumatra ranges will achieve a classic look which brings out the rich grain.